Counter-Strike: Global Offensive February 17 Updates 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive February 17 Updates 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an incredible game to play with a mouse and console. In any case, the game likewise upholds regulators for those alright with them. The engineer delivered a fix yesterday that works on a few parts of regulator support.

Regulators got a few default restricting changes. Players can now open Quick Buy outspread menus by utilizing D-Pad. Guard buttons can likewise be utilized in the event that BuyZoneLayer is dynamic. Fixes for DeathMatch BuyZoneLayer have been carried out, and Drone barraging is fixed. The format of Console/Quick Buy Radial menus currently matches that of the ordinary Buy menu. Players who use regulators should re-apply default settings by going to the Controller Configuration menu.


If it’s not too much trouble, make certain to re-apply default settings from the Controller Configuration menu in the Steam Overlay.

  • Different default restricting changes for regulators as it were. Fast Buy spiral menus are set off with the D-Pad and Bumper Buttons while the BuyZoneLayer is dynamic.
  • Worked on set of Radial Action Override Layers. Of course, the right stick is utilized to control the outspread. Assuming XYAB are bound to an outspread button, the left stick is utilized all things considered.
  • Fixes for DeathMatch BuyZoneLayer.
  • Console/Quick Buy Radial menus match a similar format of the ordinary Buy menu.
  • Risk Zone Controller Support: Fixed Spawn Menu Controls. Fixed Drone barraging.
  • Known issue: Button ties in real life Override Layers are not shown in-line glyphs.


Note to “radial_quickinventory.txt” users: you can set “cl_quickinventory_filename” to point to a different file name in the same directory.

  • radial_quickinventory.txt: added “ROTATION_OFFSET” field, which will rotate the entire radial by the given number of degrees.
  • Quick Inventory and Quick Grenade Radial: Fix for missing items (Bump Mines, Shields, etc.) not displaying.
  • Various Inline Button Glyph fixes (ongoing).

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