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Don’t Breathe 2 Full Movie Download- hey, what’s going on everybody again I’m back with a brand new movie review and today we’ll be discussing a sequel to the 2016 horror film by the name of don’t breathe.

and today we’ll be discussing don’t breathe 2 which are going to change to check out in theatres and I’m gonna let you all know what I thought about the film and let you know if it’s worth checking out in theatres if it was a worthy sequel and should there be more in this franchise we’re gonna break it all down here in the spoiler-free review.

but before we do so make sure you’re checking me out on all my other social media accounts. let’s discuss a couple of things number one were you a fan of 2016 don’t breathe number two did you want to see a sequel to that film and then number three of course, once you’ve seen it, don’t break two what’d you think about it.  Don’t Breathe 2 Full Movie Download

Don't breathe 2

let’s talk pros cons did you think the sequel was better than the original do you want to see more from this franchise did you enjoy the narrative the twists the turns all that fun stuff or were you disappointed and do you not want to see another film in this franchise let’s discuss it all in the comments below.

so for me personally 2016’s don’t breed was a really fun film a really good horror-thriller film I enjoyed the narrative of the whole home invasion coming into the blind men’s house learning that character meeting rocky and all that stuff I love Fetty Alvarez and I’m so disappointed that he wasn’t back to do the sequel but nonetheless I’m a big fan of that.

but going into this I was like you know what there is or after seeing that 2016 I was like you know what there is room to tell more of this story about rocky maybe being hunted by the blind man but after the trailer, we obviously know that wasn’t the route they were going so was it a worthy sequel is it better than the original is it worth checking out.

let’s start off with my positives first and foremost as I said five years ago and I’m going to say the same thing now the sound design in these films are incredible if I think they’re on par with the quiet place in my personal opinion because the sound design is so integral in the story.

and seeing the blind man not only in his house environment but in the sequel he’s outside his house so he’s just as formidable as he is in his own surroundings so I love how the set design the sound design is so intricate to tell the story and it’s pretty awesome how well they use the sound design in this film. Don’t Breathe 2 Full Movie Download

so that’s definitely a positive for me transitioning to uh the performances is only really two standout characters for me in this entire film and that’s number one Stephen lang an incredible actor him as the blind man which it was still kind of we’ll talk about a little bit later my criticism. 

but it was still kind of hard to kind of place him as the good guy in this film but I will say from a performance standpoint I never rooted for him I never felt sympathy or impatient for him but I don’t think the character wanted that from the audience I think Stephen Lange my personal I think he conveyed that he’s not a hero per se he’s just surviving and wants to get back where he feels his which is his daughter in this film. Don’t Breathe 2 Full Movie Download

 Don't Breathe 2 Full Movie Download

so I do think Stephen lane did give a really good performance even though I prefer the killer terminator Michael Myers shape from the first one but I do think that the performance is pretty strong in this film from Stephen lang but actually the standout star for me is the young girl that plays his daughter I believe her name is Madeline grace and I believe this might be her first time making a movie.

she was pretty solid now there were some moments where line delivery wasn’t all that great but also I think the script wasn’t all that great for her but as a young actress, she was given a lot number one she was trained by the blind man so you can only imagine the stuff that she’s able to do in this film and I thought that she played it off pretty well in regards to the kind of being this pseudo smaller miniature version of the blind man.

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