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Download Mother/Android, a post-apocalyptic science fiction film that premiered on Hulu in the United States last month, is now available on Netflix in the United Kingdom. The film follows Georgia (Chlo Grace Moretz) and her partner Sam (Algee Smith) as they fight to survive following an android rebellion, written and directed by Project Power’s Mattson Tomlin.

On Christmas Eve, Georgia Olsen discovers that she is pregnant with her sweetheart, Sam Hoth’s, youngster. The new disclosure upsets Georgia’s tranquillity, as she would rather not become a mother at this age. Sam attempts to reassure Georgia and requests that she wed him, yet she is uncertain with regard to the relationship. Download Mother/Android

Georgia chooses to conceal the mystery from her folks. In a rush, she leaves behind her telephone in the washroom and leaves the house to go to a school Christmas celebration. An android, Eli, claimed by the Olsens, wishes Sam a glad Halloween rather than Christmas, subsequently flagging that something is off-base.

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At the Christmas celebration, individuals witness a deafening shriek, like a specialized error, and before long, an android named Daniel turns brutal. He assaults Georgia and Sam, and they flee from the house. Because of the error, cell phones begin detonating, killing their clients. In the city, Georgia and Sam witness the destruction.

After nine months, Georgia, anticipating her child, has taken sanctuary in the backwoods with Sam. The couple is attempting to get to an invigorated Boston. They have heard bits of hearsay with regards to a boat that is moving new mothers to Asia, where they can track down a quiet life. Yet, to arrive at Boston, Georgia and Sam need to cross a dead zone loaded up with dangerous androids.Download Mother/Android

Georgia is on the verge of giving birth, therefore the couple must embark on a risky journey across an android stronghold to reach safety before she gives birth. But, just when they think they’ve made it, Mother/Android is brought to an emotional conclusion by a heartbreaking twist.

Mother/Android | Official Trailer | December 17 | A Hulu Original

Cast and characters

  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Georgia
  • Algee Smith as Sam
  • Raúl Castillo as Arthur
  • Linnea Gardner as Sarah
  • Kiara Pichardo as Lisa
  • Oscar Wahlberg as Derrick
  • Christian Mallen as Kevin
  • Jared Reinfeldt as Connor
  • Liam McNeill as Daniel
  • Stephen Thorne as Eli
  • Jon F. Merz as Mr. Olsen
  • Tamara Hickey as Mrs. Olsen
  • Jason Bowen as Boston lieutenant
  • Hana Kim as Korean official
  • Benz Veal as Patrol
  • Will Lyman as Captain
  • Owen Burke as Officer Norton
  • Kate Avallone as Doctor Howe

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Downloaad ” Mother/Android ” (2021) Full Movie in HD+

Downloaad ” Mother/Android ” (2021) Full Movie in HD+

Downloaad ” Mother/Android ” (2021) Full Movie in HD+

Downloaad ” Mother/Android ” (2021) Full Movie in HD+

Downloaad ” Mother/Android ” (2021) Full Movie in HD+


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