DOWNLOAD- Eternals 2022 Full Movie in HD+

DOWNLOAD- Eternals 2022 Full Movie in HD+

Eternal’s assemble. Are you a wizard-like doctor strange I’m super normal Welcome back everyone this is my non-spoiler marvel Eternals movie review one of the biggest cosmic movies that Marvel has ever done next to avengers infinity war avengers endgame so the Eternals movie is all about introducing this really weird group of characters created by jack Kirby a long time ago marvel hasn’t ever really done a ton of stuff with their characters inside the marvel universe because for the most part the x-men the avenger’s other big groups have been way more popular so the comics just tend to focus more on those groups.

when Kevin Feige revealed they were doing an Eternals movie when they were developing one it had been before they got all the x-men characters back the fantastic four characters back from fox so a lot of people just assumed that they were doing Eternals a sort of proxy for an x-men movie but the really exciting thing they wound up using the movie for was to tell this giant cosmic story that’s way bigger in scope than most of the other movies that they’ve done not only during marvel phase 4 but also marvel phase 1 phase 2 in phase 3 aside from avengers infinity war in avengers end game gonna be a little while before we see a movie that’s bigger than those but they use the movie to tell the true origin of the MCU

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the sacred timeline version of history starting with the big bang we’ve seen a couple of versions of that in the previous marvel movies with them talking about the big bang the creation of the infinity stones they use the movie to give you the actual origin of the universe itself the origin of eternity the origin of the celestials the formation of the celestial host some of that you’ve seen in the trailer there’s arishem the judge hargen the measure

Jeremiah the analyzer nezzar the calculator issan the searcher who we saw during the guardians of the galaxy movie it also helps provide context for other rogue celestials like ego the living planet who isn’t a celestial in the comics but they made him a celestial inside the MCU so the Eternals movie helps you reconcile all that backstory like how do all these characters fit together also answering questions about nowhere the head of the dead celestial because there have been so many theories about that if you’re not familiar with the marvel cosmic hierarchy

it starts with eternity that’s sort of the living embodiment of the universe eternity is born during the big bang eternity creates the celestials they form into a group called the celestial host they’re created for the express purpose of just going around and experimenting with life in the universe to that end they wind up creating Eternals and deviant characters all over the universe the movie does a really good job of explaining all that history without getting too bogged down in the details and they leave a lot of things for sequels to explain like obviously there’s the Thanos of it all Thanos comes from another group of Eternals that lived on the planet titan somewhere else in the universe

they also give us the true history of the earth the history of humanity evolving on earth and it sort of recontextualizes everything that we know about all the marvel movies so far the whole idea that they get across in the trailer they’ve been here this whole time for all of the civilization how they interacted with all these people across time how they affected all the other Marvel characters because clearly as they reference all the other avenger’s characters they’ve been aware of what’s been happening in all the marvel movies so far there are a couple of points in the film where you are meant to question who the real antagonist is

like they present the deviants like they’re meant to be the villains of the film like a crow is the leader of the deviants but there’s this thriller mystery element to the movie too where the characters are learning that they’ve been lied to this whole time and you start to learn who the real villains are throughout the film and I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that the movie doesn’t get into too much of what’s going on with Kang in the multiverse because we learned during the Loki series that he who remains king had been controlling the multiverse in the sacred timeline his main timeline for all time I’ll talk more about details like that after the movie comes out because we kind of have to get into spoilers and talk about some of that stuff

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but the Eternals movie tries to give you the truest version of history like the original version of history whereas he who remains king and all the other Kang variants were messing with the timeline the movie also is starting to give us a version of an origin story for the black knight character in the MCU through kit harington’s Dane Whitman although it only briefly touches on that in this first movie kit Arrington is sort of the fish out of water character who serves as the audience surrogate and he does a great job at this it’s kind of funny to see him in this after watching him in the game of thrones for the past 10 years you can make all the game of thrones Jon snow jokes you want

kit harington’s Dane Whitman knows nothing he does know a couple of things after the end of the movie also there’s the funny meta aspect of the game of thrones reunion because we have Richard madden playing Ikari so they have a bit of a game of thrones reunion during the movie even though their characters don’t spend a lot of time together kit Harington and Richard madden did say that was one aspect of the movie that kind of excited them like that they would get to see each other and work together again after such a long period

gemma chan was amazing as sersi they brought her back after captain marvel to play a completely different character in the MCU but she looks sounds completely different I feel like this movie made much better use of her because she’s a fantastic actress and they didn’t do that much with her character during captain marvel which is one of the reasons why I think that Kevin Feige wanted to bring her back as he saw her during crazy rich Asians and it’s like oh you’re a fantastic actress we need to do something better with you Salma Hayek plays ajak sort of the leader of the Eternals at the beginning of the film

she’s kind of like a big sister to the other characters of all the Eternals her portrayal of Ajak her version of Ajak is probably the most different from the comics Angelina Jolie was great as thena character she wasn’t quite as big of a character as I expected and I’m always curious to see what they do with these really big megastars when they put them in movies like this especially in ensemble movies brian tyree henry plays photos he’s sort of like the iron man of the group he’s the person who makes things so he’s a pretty interesting character it’ll be fun to see him interacting with other marvel characters when they do big crossovers in like avengers 5.

email nanjiani is playing king they use his character to make a lot of connections and easter eggs to other marvel movies and other avengers characters in funny ways I felt like they could have done a better job with sprite and druid during the movie their writing for their characters are just a little bit weaker so their scenes just don’t hit quite as hard as the other character scenes but there are 10 Eternals at the beginning of the movie so, inevitably, they’re not going to be able to serve every single character well that’s why they didn’t start with 10 avengers they started with the course 6 and then spiralled up from there in the sequels

you’ve probably been hearing people talk about how the movie feels so much different from other Marvel movies the best marvel phase four comparison I could make would be to a movie like the Shang chi movie which we just saw a little while ago so the Shang chi movie is meant to be this kung fu action film about a family the Eternals movie is also kind of about a family like a cosmic family but even though there’s a lot of big cosmic action in the Eternals movie it’s more of a character drama about the family itself so the movie focuses on the individual characters interactions more than it does the really big action scenes so it almost shares more in common with the new dune movie than it does with the other traditional marvel phase 1 phase 2 and phase 3 movies

Eternals full movie download
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it’s a lot more chatty than the other marvel movies there’s a lot more of the characters just walking around and talking to each other than there is in other traditional marvel films the pacing is pretty decent it does drag a little bit during the second act but when it does go big it goes bigger in scale than any of the other marvel phases 4 movies so far outside of avengers infinity war avengers end game which is technically marvelled phase 3 movies but as I said earlier it’s metaphorically the biggest story that they’ve told so far because of the way they invoke all these cosmic characters like the celestials in the universe itself

it’s kind of like them doing a dune or a star wars story inside the MCU with the scope of everything for a long time Marvel fans do answer a lot of really cool long-running questions about big events in MCU history like why didn’t the Eternals help fight Thanos if they’re so powerful did the Eternals get snapped I feel like it’s not a spoiler to say no they did not get snapped because they’re kind of more like celestial robots than actual humans they share more in common with vision than they do the humanoid adventures they also get into their relationship with the other avenger’s characters and other heroes and villains from earth

like they’ve mentioned the avenger’s character several times during the trailer like even kit harington’s Dane Whitman character invokes doctor strange when he’s learning about all their new powers and they do use a lot of small moments to connect the movie to other movies inside the MCU and just like the Shang chi movie introduced this brand new mythology these brand new characters to the MCU all this big storytelling on a cosmic scale but it was relatively self-contained like you didn’t see a bunch of other avengers characters running around in it it’s the same situation with the Eternals movie really big weird group of characters really big cosmic story

but it’s a relatively self-contained movie I think the idea is that when we get to the eternal sequels then you’ll start seeing other avengers characters crossing over a little bit more and if you have been following all the news they’ve already said that some of the eternal’s characters will show up during avengers 5. just in terms of the timeline what’s happening right now in the MCU the turtle’s movie is supposed to take place around the same time as spider-man far from home which is about eight months after avengers end game

as you see with most big marvel movies there’s a traditional mid-credit scene and the post-credits scene both of them do set up really big things please don’t post spoilers about them in the comments if you have seen them but long time comic book fans and long time marvel movie fans will probably like one more than the other and as I said because the movie is relatively self-contained there aren’t a ton of direct connections to the upcoming marvel movies but they do have moments that sort of foreshadowing what’s happening next in the MCU because the next big movie is spider-man no way home and they’re calling that movie spider-man end game behind the scenes like that’s how big the movie is in scope

and right after that we have doctor strange 2 multiverses of madness which are going to be probably one of the other biggest movies during marvel phase 4. the music was also fantastic I’ve talked about this in my previous video just a little while ago but ramin javadi did the music for the movie so if you’re a big fan of the music from the game of thrones you will love the Eternals music I think for most marvel fans mileage will vary with how much you enjoy this movie depending on which avengers movie your favourite was like did you like avengers infinity war more than you liked avengers end game

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because infinity war had way more action like was much more of an action film avengers end game was much more of a drama film Eternals is much more of a drama style film so even though we haven’t had that many new marvel phase 4 movies I would say just ranking my favourite marvel phase 4 movies so far it would be eternal number one then Shang chi number two and then black widow number three but we’ve only had three movies so far so I’m also kind of expecting spider-man no way home and doctor strange too to sort of shakeup that list because those movies are going to be so big.

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