Is Fortnite getting deleted on February 30, 2022? The Viral Video

Is Fortnite getting deleted on February 30, 2022? The Viral Video

In this day and age, every day new bits of gossip and reports of impending games start to spread, and all around frequently, they end up being bogus.

Fortnite is an inconceivably well known computer game at present with north of 350 million players around the world. It has overwhelmed the world since its send off in 2017, so individuals were naturally concerned when reports were twirling that Fortnite is closing down.

Is Fortnite closing down? It turns into an intriguing issue as bits of gossip spread. In this article, we’ll resolve this inquiry and attempt to settle the bits of hearsay.

Assuming The Seven were to win, that would really end the game in every practical sense. In any case, the viral video guaranteeing that the famous fight royale will be erased on February 30, 2022 is totally misleading.


Is Fortnite Shutting Down in 2022?

No, Fortnite is not shutting down. Epic Games has officially announced that they plan to keep the game alive for years, so these rumors are completely false.

Epic Game’s CEO Tim Sweeney offered an authority expression tending to worries about the eventual fate of Fortnite and said, “No plans by any means to change or close down Fortnite.” As the authority proclamation, it demonstrates that Fortnite isn’t closing down.

The bits of gossip started when a site (react2424) started posting counterfeit news stories of Epic Games, closing down Fortnite.

The site asserts that Fortnite is closing down because of the multitude of claims that were documented against them. In any case, this is totally bogus, and Epic Games has not reported that they are closing down Fortnite anytime.

React2424 additionally asserts that there is an as of late erased tweet that states, “We are exceptionally glad that our game has made us bunches of cash, enough to hold up the servers. We fulfilled many individuals however unfortunately, we are closing down because of a few late claims. Much obliged to you for playing.”

As referenced before, this tweet is totally phony, and Epic Games didn’t post it in any capacity or structure, nor have they declared that they are closing down Fortnite anytime.

Along these lines, simply relax and don’t be apprehensive. Fortnite isn’t closing down, it’s actually going to be a well known game for a long while! Likewise, don’t completely accept that some other tales about Fortnite closing down; they’re all misleading.

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