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Netrikan movie Download Isaimini – Netrikann starts with Durga (Nayanthara, who nails the genuineness of the person), a CB-CID official, losing her sibling (Sachin Nachiappan) because of an oddity mishap, which additionally leaves her vision-less. Not one to flounder in self-centeredness, she figures out how to get by all alone in spite of her handicap.

Yet, her greatest test comes when she needs to find a psychopath (Ajmal Ameer), who captures and torments people for crimps, and has begun to fancy her as a casualty.

A revamp of the 2011 Korean film Blind, Netrikann is strained, if a piece overlong, spine chiller that saves us as eager and anxious as can be generally. Milind Rau, not just figures out how to give his hero a passionate curve that causes us to feel for her, yet in addition sets up the connection among her and the supporting characters – (Manikandan, unobtrusively amazing), a sincere however not-really splendid cop and Gautham (Saran, affable), a conveyance kid, who before long turns into the proxy sibling for Durga – great, so we care for their wellbeing too.

He likewise gives us a couple of nail-gnawing minutes. Netrikan movie Download Isaimini

An arrangement that starts on a Metro train, in which the miscreant stalks Durga and attempts to capture her, and finishes with an exhilarating pursue amazes us for a couple of moments. Furthermore given that he has the Lady Superstar as his hero, the chief provides us with a few mass minutes too.

Nayanthara, who is downplayed for the most parts, turns on her star wattage to the greatest in these scenes, transforming them into whistle-commendable minutes. Netrikan movie Download Isaimini

It is difficult to not discuss Mysskin’s Psycho while talking about Netrikann. That film, as well, managed an outwardly tested hero who was after a psycho executioner. In any case, while Mysskin’s film was a more intricate investigation of wrongdoing and discipline, Milind Rau is happy with giving us a kind thrill ride – a waiting game between a fiesty courageous woman and a perverted lowlife.

That isn’t really something terrible. Kind thrill rides have their own difficulties and Milind Rau explores them skillfully. Netrikan movie Download Isaimini

Cast and characters

  • Nayanthara in a dual role as:
  • Durga: A former trainee police officer who lost her eyesight in an accident
  • Nancy: a software engineer, Durga’s lookalike, and James’s wife
  • Ajmal Ameer as Dr. James Dinah, a gynecologist who kidnaps, rapes, and kills young women
  • K. Manikandan as SI Manikandan, a kind and innocent police officer who helps Durga with the case
  • Saran Shakthi as Gowtham a delivery boy who helps Durga in the case
  • Redin Kingsley as Babu, James’s agent
  • Scooby as Kanna, Durga’s seeing eye dog
  • Sacchin Nachiappan as Aditya, Durga’s adopted brother
  • Lizzie Antony as Sofia’s mother
  • RJ Ananthi as Renuka, Sofia’s friend
  • Pradeep K. Vijayan as veterinarian
  • Supergood Subramani as a police officer
  • Yaanai Joke Kathir as robber

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