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Download Sing 2 – Illumination has a brand new animated family film that’s going to be released on Christmas week and I had the chance to check out this movie a whole month early so I can’t wait to talk to you guys about the brand new sing sequel so let’s just get to it welcome back film fans I0 want to talk about the brand new computer-animated family musical comedy film called sing 2.

sIng 2 is a sequel to the box office smash hit 2016 sing and it  stars all the same big-name actors that you saw   from the original film and much more as  you may or may not know I am not a fan   of illumination whatsoever as I think  they produce some of the most generic   boring and very uninteresting animated family  films as I just think that they just don’t   compare to the disney’s the Dreamworks the studio  ghiblis and Pixar

sing 2

so going into sing 2 I was very nervous about watching this movie considering that I wasn’t a massive fan of the original sing as I thought it was very generic boring and just a very average movie and now that I have seen the film I have to say that yeah this is another average boring and kind of bad illumination movie that we all came to expect when it comes to singing two this movie is definitely targeting the more younger children for this one as I think the adults are not going to enjoy this movie quite a lot as the kids are because the colour palette is very bright.

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it is very desensitized and the musical numbers do   feel like it’s all kids bop music it’s just very  safe and easy and it does have a good message   in it so I think the parents might be able to  enjoy that in this movie let’s just start writing the positives first and we’re going to start with  the voice acting I actually think the voice acting   is quite solid in this movie as it’s nothing  spectacular memorable or bad even but I think   it just does its job for these characters and  some of the actors like Matthew McConaughey do   disguise themselves as these characters

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Download Sing 2 full movie in HD+

Download Sing 2 full movie in HD+

Download Sing 2 full movie in HD+

Download Sing 2 full movie in HD+

Download Sing 2 full movie in HD+


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