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You know, when filmmakers say, ‘they make movies for mass entertainment’. At this point, they should just cut to the chase and say, ‘we’re making them for men’. For dudes who want to see a dancing Katrina and three identical other dudes, roll around shooting people. Mass money straight up, straight men. Sooryavanshi

Right now I am not going to be reviewing Sooryavanshi. Rohit Shetty ‘cop universe’, is now a mainstream phrase and I feel all kinds of things about it because in a world where civilians are protesting police brutality, and unfair power structures of our various systems, our biggest actors and producers are delivering stories of bloodthirsty cops, who aren’t above using some actual,

I’m assuming illegal, torture techniques, but as long as we are told over and over again, if they don’t do this, then the 600 kilo RDX, joh Bharat ki Zameen Ke nichey kaheen dafnaya hua hai, usko use karke Mumbai par bomb blast ho jaayenge. Blasts? Not on Sooryavanshi’s watch! Sorry, Veer Sooryavanshi, literally meaning the Brave Descendant Of The Sun.

Obviously, this man is “perfect”, his wife is a doctor, who also does a sexy tip tip barsa paani dance for him, his colleagues worship the ground he walks on. Parkour se lekar aerial stunts, Sooryavanshi knows it all and also does some light comedy on the side.

download sooryavanshi full movie
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Rohit Shetty and his writers don’t think that knowing his parents died in the 1993 blasts, on the same day he was going to visit them, nahi utna kaafi nahi hai, for sympathy, toh isliye they also give us, the fact that his wife is leaving him, because he just loves his work and his country, way too much, he can’t control his patriotism.

Toh usko parents bhi avenge karne hain, shaadi bhi bachaani hai, aur Mumbai bhi. Par the film’s sabse bada goal is to really drive home, ki yeh writing Islamophobic Nahi hai. Iss cinematic duniya mein, haan saare bad guys exclusively Muslim hain, lekin sab Muslim bad guys, toh nahi hotey.

Some cops are Muslim dekho, and Muslim men help pandits evacuate a Ganesh ki moorti from a temple, toh see, those are the good ones, those whose identities revolve around assimilating within the system, baaki which Muslims are unhappy in this country, I don’t know. That’s a literal line Akshay Kumar’s character says. I paraphrase.

Personal politics, aap characters ki expect karne mein galat nahi ho, jab movie hai about police and terrorism and India-Pakistan relationships, these are political things. Sure, a cop is just doing their job, one might argue, but Sooryavanshi doesn’t stop there na, woh apni naukri sirf thodi hi kar raha hain.

There are many elaborate, moral lectures about unity in diversity, which would’ve been okay, if the writer made an attempt to rise above the most basic and crude understanding, of all the things that ail our country right now.

Sooryavanshi | Official Trailer | 5th Nov | Akshay, Ajay, Ranveer, Katrina | Rohit Shetty

I’m not exaggerating about the lazy writing. In one scene, a retired police officer happens to be in a kabristan, at the same time, as the country’s most wanted terrorist, has come to pay respects to his long-deceased mother. Obviously, a retired cop calls Sooryavanshi and he is all like, “you will never believe who is here, at this place, at this exact same moment, as me, rush, fast!”

Immediately after this, this most wanted aforementioned terrorist goes back to his hotel and he is checking out, at the exact same moment that Sooryavanshi’s estranged wife and kid are eating in the lobby.

What are the chances this would happen, twice in a day? Sooryavanshi’s biggest problem though, Islamophobia, preachy tone and lazy terrible writing aside, might just be the fact, that it’s excruciatingly boring.

The final gun battle, which is hoping to establish the next Singham movie I assume, with a Thanos like Jackie Shroff, giving instructions from a different land in a deep, scary voice, is not as Avengers Assemble, as the film thinks it is. While the action choreography is impressive, some shots are inexplicably, comically sped up, the cinematography is surprisingly inept.

We don’t know the layout of the police station, where the final battle plays out, and once women strapped with RDX from the 600 kilo RDX, is rescued, the rest of the sequence is only pummeling through the remaining screenplay, towards ‘aila re aila, haat tichya maila’. Its brutal. There were about 50 odd people watching and enjoying the film at the 9 AM show on, the first day, so I’m very aware, that my dissent is in the minority here.

When Ranveer Singh bursts through a wall, Ajay Devgn walks in front of spinning cars, and Akshay Kumar calls his wife Syria, because he has naam bhoolne ke beemari and he can’t recall her name Ria, that could be fun, I guess? The film is in theatres now, and will be on Netflix soon, so… On a scale of 1 to 10, Sooryavanshi is, 70 is considered healthy decibel levels, 85 ke oopar hearing loss ho sakta hai, which I’m sure has partially happened to me, fully jiske liye I’m blaming the latest two Ajay Devgn movies.

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