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Download The Lost Daughter – hello, readers you know what it is I don’t have to explain it okay the lost daughter is the directorial debut of famous actor maggie Gyllenhaal you may know her from the dark knight or the titular secretary or from crazy heart frank or her tv show the deuce the lost daughter is an adaptation of a book by the same name by Elena Ferrante.

the author apparently has never been seen publicly no one even knows what she looks like but what do you care you’re watching a movie review you’re not reading a review you don’t care about reading who cares about books are for old people right books yuck the lost daughter stars Olivia Coleman  Jesse Buckley Dakota johnson paul mescal ed harris and Peter Sarsgaard. Download The Lost Daughter

the lost daughter movie download

my thoughts on the cast and  their performances is sort of a microcosm of my   feelings on the rest of the film and that’s that  they’re all solid jesse buckley in my opinion gave   the best performance in the movie.

I don’t think any of the other actors did anything super special or exceptional or anything worth noting not that they’re bad actors or anything or that they make bad choices in this film or anything like that in regards to their performances I just didn’t feel like I was getting anything special or new from the characters that they were playing.

I just felt like I was sort of going through the motions terms of as an audience member watching these performances and trying to get something out of them I felt like I was seeing them do things that I had seen them do before like Olivia Coleman, for instance, a lot of her mannerisms comedy-wise that she has in this movie.Download The Lost Daughter

Download The Lost Daughter

there aren’t a whole lot of comedic moments but the comedic moments that she does have in this movie reminded me more of her acceptance speeches than they did in any other performance that she’s given in like other movies which I guess every actor brings themselves into it.

but it felt like Olivia Coleman in some of those moments more than it felt like the character that she was playing if that makes sense I guess when you see the movie you’ll you’ll know exactly what I mean because this movie isn’t out yet but I think besides Jessie Buckley one of the other things that I really enjoyed was the portrayal of the moment-to-moment difficulties of being a mom.Download The Lost Daughter

I and probably even maggie Gyllenhaal herself will attribute to the book but she adapted it in a way where I felt it in the adaptation so I guess kudos off to maggie Gyllenhaal for that because watching this movie felt like this isn’t a direct one to one comparison but I felt moments here where I was like wow this is to motherhood what requiem for a dream or train spotting is to drugs.

the lost daughter is really good birth control honestly like you could show this to a group of teenagers and being like do you want this in your life and I’m pretty sure a bunch of them will just be like oh yeah no being a mom sucks I probably don’t want to be a mom but what really helps me feel these things is the sound design which was amazing.

by amazing I mean that the sound of the children crying was so incredibly loud and played for so long and I loved it I really love those moments in films where you can feel the experience that’s being depicted in a very tactile way you’ve all been on an aeroplane and you’ve heard a child cry and you feel secondhand embarrassment and you’re like oh my god can that kid just shut up.  

but it’s like you sort of feel bad for the parent that has to deal with it yeah it’s like that for a   good amount of this movie but you’re watching a  movie in a movie theatre well I guess you won’t because it’s on Netflix but you’ll be watching it at home and you’re like okay can when does this end when does the crying stop other than that I thought the rest of the movie was just fine.   Download The Lost Daughter

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Download The Lost Daughter (2021) full Movie in 1080p

Download The Lost Daughter (2021) full Movie in 1080p

Download The Lost Daughter (2021) full Movie in 1080p

Download The Lost Daughter (2021) full Movie in 1080p

Download The Lost Daughter (2021) full Movie in 1080p


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