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This Netflix western starring benedict Cumberbatch Kirsten Dunst Jesse Plemons and Cody smith McPhee is set in early 20th-century Montana and follows brutish menacing manly man cattle rancher Phil Burbank as he psychologically terrorizes his brother George George’s wife rose and her son peter.

The power of the dog is divided into five chapters each of which tells the story chronologically and builds tension before gradually releasing it though not in a reassuring manner as the listener learns more about each character’s psychology and motivations campion’s next film appears to be about the dangers of toxic masculinity and what it means to be a man in a buttoned-up old-fashioned culture that pushes people to fight to hide and repress their sexuality, however, in the end, this film demonstrates that it is just as much to say about our current views and interpretations as it does about those we think we’ve gone past

The power of the dog’s premise is straightforward yet it stands in stark contrast to the film’s deep themes and subtext when George marries the widowed rose and takes her into the brother’s shared house the verbally abusive Phil seeks and succeeds in tightening his control over his small world and the people around him early on we learned that Phil only cares about himself and his long-deceased cowboy mentor a man named bronco henry Phil studied classics at yale before becoming a rancher, as a result, his constant mispronunciation of phrases he considers too elegant or delicate is a not so subtle aspect of his macho attitude because real men aren’t intellectuals even if they are street smart sensible and pragmatic George who is weak-willed and battered is unable to protect his new bride from Phil’s unrelenting rage

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When rose’s son peter joins them on the ranch the audience is just as concerned about his safety as it is about roses that’s because unlike Phil peter is gentle methodical empathic sensitive and disinterested in the gritty aggressive and hyper-masculine identity that the men around him and Phil, in particular, wear Phil’s brutality in the desperate dominion of all around him is its own all-powerful and all-encompassing entity throughout the majority of the power of the dog and it instils fear of god in both rows and the audience toxic masculinity is as much a character as the human

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In the power of the dog, it stalks around the tense family hovering over everyone and everything and is embodied by the hyper-macho abusive and self-satisfying philosophy even Phil’s footsteps have a deadly tone to them they don’t just echo they thunderously boom crack and reverberate as Phil watches her from god-like angles at the top of the stairs or a second-story window Kirsten Dunst’s anxiety-filled rose begins to crack as she braces for a storm that is always present and visible on the horizon it’s revealed that rose’s first husband peter’s father drank himself to death by suicide after suffering a mental breakdown rose who was a tea toll at the start of the film now begins to drink heavily at all hours of the day to calm her strained emotions

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The effects of Phil’s torture on rose put her in a state of fear that reaches a fever pitch when her supposedly sickly son peter arrives for the summer she is rarely if ever sober and is perpetually ill and hungover leaving her a hollowed-out ghost of the mother peter had bid farewell to only months before it’s tempting to forget the young man’s quiet in calculating voiceover at the opening of the film at this point intent as we are on peter and rose’s safety and distracted by the picture’s claustrophobic unspoiling of Hitchcockian fear but this is a mistake after his father died all peter wanted to do was ensure his mother’s happiness for what kind of man would I be he asks if I didn’t save her campion’s

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The film revolves around the answer to that question and peter never loses sight of it Phil’s machismo is gradually revealed to be a defensive mechanism a terrible mask he wears to hide his suppressed sexuality Phil’s adoration and reverence for bronco henry is tied to his romantic affections for his mentor as revealed in a series of moving scenes we learned that the two were more than friends as Phil puts it when talking about their friendship with peter Phil has taken peter under his wing trying to mould him into bronco henry’s image putting him in boots teaching him to ride and most crucially braiding him a cowhide rope as a gift

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The Power Of The Dog

All in the hopes of reliving his great love we are never allowed to root for Phil in the film but we are given insight into his personality and motivations it’s almost too easy to imagine peter as a sacrificial lamb walking to his slaughter and therein is the film’s genuine power though it’s evident that peter is no longer terrified of Phil he even mocks him by putting his name at the front and end of sentences it still appears like the Burbank family patriarch is the manipulator and peter is the manipulated the young man maintains a cool and calculated demeanour at all times his interests in youth

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On the other hand, lead us to other characters to believe he is delicate peter another hand is studying to become a doctor with objective studious precision he kills and dissects animals he doesn’t flinch when he walks through a group of ranchers yelling insults at him in other words despite the fact that the film never explicitly states that peter is weak the viewer perceives him to be so especially in comparison to philosophy this is once again a blunder and a subtle remark on our current preconceptions about and knowledge of strength and power

The power of the dog’s finale is and isn’t a surprise we should have expected it and that’s the purpose when rose sells his prized cowhides to a native vendor Phil feels outraged his wrath stems from his obsession with utilizing the heights to fashion a rope for peter as a sign of affection he believes peter pretends to save his mother by giving Phil the hide he’d been saving because he wants to be like him as he tells Phil and as we mistakenly believe however the rawhide peter offers is from a sick cow Phil becomes ill and dies as a result of the deceased animal’s infection getting into an untreated gash on his thumb

The actual reveal of the film is that we managed to overlook peter’s scheme all along which speaks more about the film’s modern audience than it does about the period in which it takes place peter consoles his intoxicated mother by saying she doesn’t have to do this in one episode after that we see him reading a medical book we even hear him make a remark about Phil’s wound and watch as he meticulously removes the hide from an obviously sick cow peter’s seeming gentleness though hides a calculated single-mindedness when you add in the fact that society’s understanding of masculinity hasn’t progressed much we’re so worried about peter’s safety that we fail to recognize him as the vengeful angel he is you

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